Mission Statement: GO Sports develops international partnerships that result in mutual transformation. We empower local coaches to disciple athletes who influence their community as leaders of the next generation.

Our Sports academies are a platform for our coaches to pour into the next generation of potential leaders with the truth of God’s word. We train Dominicans to be athletes and achieve their dreams, while we dually prepare them with a vocational skill to provide for themselves and their families.

Our new Leadership Development Complex will include two professional and three little league baseball fields, one full-size soccer field and six covered basketball courts and three covered volleyball courts. In addition, we’ll have an incredible 2500-person capacity basketball/volleyball arena for events and tournaments. These facilities will be used for camps, clinics, leagues, tournaments, and training for athletes in our full-time academies.

Why sports? As the economy suffers in the Dominican Republic, drug treatment programs take a back seat to simple basics such as food, shelter, and education for the citizens. Helping young people avoid the beginning of a drug habit is essential. When young people stay away from drugs, drug addiction, and trafficking, an entire culture can begin to heal – as these youths grow into adults.

GO Sports utilizes mentorship to develop character in our athletes and encourages them to achieve their dreams, while dually preparing them with a vocational skill that will allow them to provide for themselves and their families.

LDC Go Sports

Metrics from Fall 2018 Semester:
  • Baseball: 5 full-time coaches and 175 athletes
  • Girl’s Basketball: 1 full-time coach and 34 athletes
  • Boy’s Basketball: 4 full-time coaches and 103 athletes
  • Girl’s Soccer: 1 coach and 26 athletes
  • Boy’s Soccer: 1 coach and 20 athletes
  • Facilities: 1 basketball court, 2 baseball fields with bullpens and batting cages, as well as flat land for soccer
  • Start of construction on the Leadership Development Complex (LDC)
  • The LDC will allow our reach to expand dramatically into other areas of Santiago and different cities all over the island.
  • GO Sports Academies will have the capacity to mentor, disciple and coach up to 1,000 future leaders every day.
  • The LDC will also allow us to host other kids and families outside of our daily sports academies – through camps, tournaments, and events on a weekly basis.
  • Thousands will step foot on the LDC land each week.