Around 30 years ago, we dreamed of a Medical Center in the community of Hoya del Caimito, Santiago that would bring quality care not to those who could afford it, but to those that needed it. In an area where poverty was commonplace, accessible and affordable healthcare was a priority need. GO Medical began in a small two-room building with the goal of one day opening the Medical Center. Fast forward to 2018, and the Medical Center became a reality because of radical generosity of North American partners. This three-floor building includes the GO Medical Clinic, the Long-Term Medical Suites, the Medical Team Dormitory, a basement for storage, and a roof retreat.

Our GO Medical Center provides family medicine care for around 700 patients a month through our GO Medical Clinic. We are a Level One clinic, meaning that we function as a mix between a primary care office and a Kroger Little Clinic.

GO Medical Clinic

The GO Medical Clinic is outfitted with:

  • 3 consultation rooms
  • Dental suite
  • Short-term treatment area
  • Point-of-care lab testing
  • Wound care and treatment room
  • Pharmacy
  • Reception area for over 20 guests

Long-Term Medical Suites

The long-term medical suites in the GO Medical Clinic have the capability to host medical professionals who come to serve alongside of our GO Medical Team. During their stay, medical professionals have the option to serve within our Medical Clinic or through mobile medical clinics. The long-term medical suites have both queen bed and bunkbed options, providing the option to also house a spouse or family members.

Medical Team Dormitory

Medical teams are able to stay close to home, within our GO Medical Center! Two identical dormitory rooms are both equipped with 16 beds and private bathrooms. The common area includes a large kitchen, with ample space for eating and sharing time. Team members also have access to the 4th floor retreat space, where they can enjoy quiet time, group debriefings, and worship nights.