Eight years ago, GO Ministries staff gathered to pray about what was next, and God gave us the vision for the LDC. The Leadership Development Complex is a training ground to develop leaders and prepare them to be sent into the world to make disciples.

The Leadership Development Complex

The LDC will impact thousands of future leaders through four different areas of ministry: Church Planting, Sports, Kingdom Business, and Vocational Training.

The First Game 1:55

Friday, February 7th marked the first game ever played on our new fields at the LDC.

January 2021 Update 1:49

An update on GO’s Leadership Development Complex in the Dominican Republic.



The Future

Leadership Development Complex (LDC)

In 2013, GO Ministries purchased 24 acres of land for $1.2 million. After waiting five years for permits, we were able to cut down trees and begin building.

Phase I of the project was completed in October 2017, as our hired architect finished drawings for the master plan. Water cisterns were dug and temporary batting cages and fields were set up for our baseball academy.

Then we broke ground in October 2017 to begin Phase II, which was completed in February 2020. We built four covered basketball courts, our Men’s Academy Building, and a major league and little league baseball field.


Today the LDC is home to more than 600 athletes each week. GO Sports busses athletes from all over the island to the LDC, where they participate in a discipleship-based program. Athletes receive on-the-field training and coaching, as well as English and Bible classes.


In 2020, we broke ground on the site of the Church Planting Building, set to open in Spring 2020. GO Church Planting will use this space for its residency program, where passionate local leaders will learn, lead and launch into global ministry.


We also brought three shipping containers to the LDC, which will be used for the Kingdom Business Hub, where future leaders will receive entrepreneurship and vocational training.

The LDC is far from complete, but we are blown away by the progress we have made in the last few years.

We will soon complete our Church Planting Building, chapel, cafeteria, and Kingdom Business Hub, and we are eager to start new projects like soccer and baseball fields and dormitories for teams.

As the LDC facilities grow, so do opportunities to Redeem, Renew and Restore. Thousands will come to the LDC each week and experience mutual transformation. And young men and women will become future leaders in the Dominican Republic and around the world.

Current Facilities

Covered Basketball Court

Two Baseball Fields

GO Men's Academy Building

Church Planting Building

Our Vision for the LDC

We pray that the LDC will raise generations of leaders who are passionate, ambitious, and committed to Christ. We pray that everyone who steps onto the LDC grounds will experience mutual transformation.

And we pray that God will Redeem millions of people, Renew thousands of communities and restore His creation all over the world.