Trip Length: 8 days (Tues-Tues in the summer | Sat-Sat spring, fall, & winter)

Trip Cost: $950-$1000 (depending on end of week excursion) + flight

Team Size: You will join a team of 10 or more people from across America

When can GO facilitate a team? We facilitate teams year-round

What are the sleeping arrangements like? The team will stay at one of our 8 dorm facilities. We have separate dorm space for males and females with bunk beds and large community bathrooms in each.

What do meals look like? All of our meals are prepared by local cooks in your dorm kitchen and we can accommodate most diets and allergies.

If you would like to book a team, please email our stateside teams coordinator, Lisa Crain, at She can confirm dates with you, get the team on the schedule and start the planning process. She will then connect your team leader with a team coordinator.


GO Community Development

Community development teams typically do two days of community construction projects (paining houses, pouring floors, tying rebar, etc.) and 2 days of children’s ministry ( leading songs, lessons and crafts). Along with children’s ministry, many teams do field days where they bring games, chalk or bubbles and play with kids in a community. These trips typically visits 2 or more communities during the week and involve a mix of activities.