When you EMPOWER ONE local leader, you can help EQUIP a church planting movement across the globe! Together we can plant 1000 churches in the next 10 years.


We need to raise $5,000 a month to fund the efforts of our local leaders who are on the front lines of ministry doing amazing work  that is locally grounded and international in scope. When you EMPOWER ONE of these leaders, you are mobilizing a movement under their leadership. We need you to join our team.


Each member of our Church Planting Team is committed to planting churches that plant churches, multiplying team leadership and sparking gospel transformation in the communities they serve. Together with your partnership, we seek to globally plant 1000 churches that help shape people into the image and service of King Jesus!


Financially: Through a monthly financial gift, from $10/month to $500/month! Every dollar makes a difference to help fund our team. Our need is $5000/month or $60,000 annually. Everything helps! There is no gift that is too small or too large! CLICK HERE to give now.

Advocacy: You can be an advocate by committing to raising a certain amount through your own social networks on social media, your small groups, your local church or your family. CLICK HERE to become a fundraising team leader (committing to raise $100/month up to $500/month).


  • Your $10 pays for one day of ministry for our local leaders.

  • $10 from you and from nine of your friends will pay for ten days of ministry for one of our local leaders.

  • A gift of $600 pays for two months.

  • And a gift of $3,650 pays for one year of ministry for one of our local leaders!