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A motto that I live by is, "Be a giver, not a taker". GO is a great example of that motto at work...focused on delivering the love of Christ to communities in need.

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GO Sports Outreach provides a place for mentoring to become a reality in the lives of youth in the Dominican Republic. Youth all over the entire world desire to have someone teach them and guide them. It isn’t any different in the Dominican. GO Sports creates a platform for Christian men and women to disciple youth as they live life alongside of them inviting them into Kingdom work.

What We’re Doing Now

2GO Baseball Academy:
GO Baseball Academies are prevalent in the Dominican Republic. Families register and typically pay a fee for their children to attend the half day academies with hopes of their children being one of the select few who sign a professional contract every year.

The GO Sports Academies are free of charge and are led by athletic coaches of integrity, character and incredible experience. To be in the Academy young athletes must regularly attend practice, Bible class where they learn about purpose, character and integrity, and English class to be a well rounded athlete.

To date, GO Sports has signed two players to major league teams and 150 boys are currently in the GO Baseball Academy.

DSC_7825 (1)GO Basketball Academy:
The GO Basketball Academy is also free of charge and is led by a talented group of coaches. The academy meets 5 days each week and also includes practice, training, Bible class and English class. 60 boys are currently enrolled in the GO Basketball Academy.

GO Girls Basketball Academy:
Dariana Santos is currently working with a team of 15 young girls through women’s basketball outreach. Her desire is to show women how to be athletes as well as Christian women in their homes, communities and schools.

Meet our Staff:

Meet our Coaches:


Sports Trips:

GO specializes in partnership development trips where North American teams have the opportunity to empower and work alongside local leaders on the island. We welcome sports trips where athletes from North America can come and participate in empowering our coaches, sports staff, and players.

Types of Sports trips:

10-Work mission trip and team building. Physical labor or sports camps and team building activities.
-Combination of work (construction and sports camp) and playing games in your respective sport against local teams.
-Sports tour. Games against Dominican professional teams with opportunities to serve in our nutrition centers and perform mini camps.


What We’re Going To Do

Leadership Development Complex
Due to the rapid growth of our program and the lack of available local fields to rent, we are excited about moving our programs to the GO Leadership Development Complex and the opportunities the space and programs will provide for holistic ministry.

The GO Baseball Academy is currently playing on the temporary fields at the LDC, but we are looking forward to using the 6 permanent fields in the future. The land will also provide 7 basketball courts, 4 volleyball courts and housing and learning centers for all academies and visiting teams.

Community Mentorship
11All communities that GO currently works in will be our focus for developing community mentors. Community mentors will be men and women (similar to a youth pastor) that will be in the lives of the youth of their communities. They will be the main point of contact for organization of sporting events. When the LDC is built they will be in charge of organizing the teams from their respective community and getting them to and from the fields/courts. They will also be responsible for doing Bible studies/discipleship/mentoring throughout the week in their community for the youth. They will be encouraged to know what’s going on in the lives of the youth in order to mentor, disciple and develop them as leaders.

How you can help

This ministry would not be where it is today without the prayer and financial partnership with many people through the years. Partnership is at the core of who we are as a ministry. Partnering financially helps in the following ways:

-providing salary for 11 full time coaches (6 baseball & 5 basketball)
-providing supplies and equipment for our Baseball & Basketball academies
-helping provide discipleship and english classes weekly for over 250 kids in the GO Sports program


If you would like to connect with us and partner with GO Sports on another level, please contact the person responsible for our specific areas of ministry:

Leading a Sports team to the DR, Discipleship & Educational Resources- Contact Dan Riemer (driemer@gomin.org)

Financial Support of Coaches- Contact Will Partin (wpartin@gomin.org)

Financially Support Program/Project/Equipment- Contact Kyle Bradley (kbradley@gomin.org)

Whether you have been partnering with GO Sports for years or you are wanting to connect with us for the first time, we are thankful for your investment in the Kingdom of God and advancement of the Gospel through this ministry!

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.  Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you and been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now.” Philippians 1:3-5 (NLT)