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I used to think only of myself and my own needs. Now I've dedicated my life to helping young boys develop into leaders.

Simon Abreu, GO Sports Coach -

GO Leadership Development Complex

Leadership Development Complex from GO Ministries on Vimeo.

The old proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, is at the core of the GO Leadership Development Complex. In a culture where only 1 out of 3 kids graduate from high school, there is a great need for direction and leadership training. GO Ministries seeks to Redeem People, Renew Communities and Restore Creation through local leaders. The GO Leadership Development Complex is the launching pad for those leaders.


In 2013, GO Ministries purchased and broke ground for the Leadership Development Complex on 24 acres of land in Tamboril, Dominican Republic.
On a daily basis the complex will serve more than 1,000 kids through sports, 50 pastors and their families in the seminary, 20 local business owners with kingdom businesses, 50 young adults in trade school, hundreds of Americans through short-term missions, and millions of people as leaders are formed and serve the communities that surround them.

LDC groundbreaking

The GO Leadership Development Complex is designed to equip, empower and train leaders from Latin America in various areas that include:
• special skills/trades
• discipleship
• business
• Church planting
• Education
• Leadership

The GO Leadership Development Complex will develop leaders in four main areas.

seminary class 2

The seminary facility will provide instructional space, a
computer lab, library, conference area, laboratories and residential living space for students. Emerging local leaders in Latin America will have an opportunity to receive quality ministry, vocational, and community development training at the Seminary of the Americas.



2 baseball (one with stadium seating) and 4 softball and 1 little league baseball field
Each field will be used for camps, clinics, leagues and tournaments. Most baseball training facilities are in the southern part of the is- land so kids have to leave home in order to participate. These will allow the kids from the northern part of the island to practice and play close to home.

10 outdoor and 1 indoor
The outdoor courts will be used daily for camps and leagues while the indoor arena will host local tournaments as well as college and professional tournaments.

Partnership-4 (DSC_0116)VOCATIONAL TRAINING:
Welding, auto repair, and woodworking are only a few of the vocational training opportunities available to develop skills as well as produce products and services to the local community.

The Kingdom Business Buildings will be self operating and self sustaining. The ground floors will be enterprises directed at bringing in revenue, providing employment and bringing much needed products and services to the local population as well as the users of the complex. The second and third floors will be apartments. These apartments will be leased to individuals in the community as well as the workers on the complex grounds. They will be a substantial source of future income for the complex.

“A motto that I live by is “be a giver, not a taker”. GO Ministries is a great example of that motto at work. Our time in the Dominican Republic allowed my team to experience the impact that an organization focused on delivering the love of Christ has on a community in need. If you don’t want to be changed, then don’t visit GO Ministries in the Dominican Republic.”
Mike Matheny, Manager St. Louis Cardinals


“There is no other seminary like this on the island. It makes us see the Bible from another perspective, it helps change our worldview of Christianity, and we learn how to disciple ourselves first so we can disciple others. It also challenges us to work in our communities like no one ever has before, making a difference not only on the island, but around the world!”
Kerlyn Pena, Seminary Student


Learning a trade on the island is important for people to provide for their families, give to their communities and invest in the future.”

Rene Rodriguez, Director of GO Construction Projects