What happens when a coffee roaster and the director of a nonprofit COLLIDE? You start a coffee company of course!

We spent roughly 2 years finding the best organic & fair trade Dominican Coffee to start this project.

Our focus is to roast and produce the best coffee possible and to pour the proceeds back into the communities we serve. We receive the coffee as green beans and do all of the roasting and packaging in Geneva, IL. From there, the coffee is sent directly to your home to brew at your earliest convenience! Every bag makes an impact!

Each bag of coffee provides 1 weeks worth of lunches for 1 child in GO’s 11 nutrition centers in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Our nutrition centers provide roughly 1,000 children with one hot meal per day, six days a week. For many kids, this is their only hot meal of the day.  In addition to a meal, each child receives a vitamin to help boost their immune system and fight malnutrition.