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Amber Eng, Team Member, Current A Christian Church -

Church and Nutrition Center Batey Cuchilla

batey cuchilla church

batey cuchilla new church

The current church building in Batey Cuchilla only has about 400 square feet. It is made of sticks and mud and is very rustic. The current nutrition center facility is about half the size, also made of sticks and mud, and is a rental. The new building will have space for the church, the nutrition center, bathrooms, kitchen and space for the water purification unit. It will be built of block and steel which will be bring huge benefits. It will be stronger and more secure from the threat of storms. It will also make this a permanent structure and the concrete roof will make the building much cooler as well. Currently the project has a foundation and walls finished. The next step will be columns and a concrete roof.