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There are many people in my community who are very poor and cannot afford health care. I am blessed to help them with their problems and share the love of Jesus with them. Life in my community would be so much harder for them without the GO Medical Clinic.

Yessica Feliz, Nurse -


In the Dominican Republic poor and sporadic funding of public hospitals makes healthcare difficult for the majority of people to obtain. These hospitals are supplied with talented staff, however, often fail to have adequate supplies for everyday operations.  Any illness creates a difficult situation; it’s one made worse if you happen to be sick and among the poor.
GO Medical first and foremost wants to reflect the love of Jesus Christ to the Dominican and Haitian peoples by coming alongside them bringing help physically through medicines as well as health education. We also hope to achieve deeper relationships with the government clinic personnel in and around the island by working with them during our mobile clinics.

What We Are Doing Now

GO Ministries has provided medical assistance and outreach to the people of the Dominican Republic for years.

DSC_0430GO Medical Clinic:  A daily general clinic in Hoya de Caimito, Santiago serves hundreds in the community and receives and treats patients from 31 other communities GO partners in if special attention is required.  Each patient pays a mere 50 pesos, just over US$1, to be seen by the doctor and receive any needed medicines, wound care, splints, or injections.  In 2014, the clinic served nearly 3,000 patients.

GO Mobile Clinics:  In partnership with North American doctors, medical professionals and medical teams, thousands of urban and rural poor are served each year through GO mobile clinics.  These 2-3 day clinics travel to rural communities to evaluate and treat the sick providing free medications and vitamins.  In 2014, nearly 3,000 patients were treated through mobile clinics.

medical webHealth Education: Opportunities for health education in partnership with local hospitals and local churches arise on a monthly basis.  The GO Medical staff and visiting medical professionals prepare materials and presentations to educate fellow medical professionals.

Nutrition Centers:  We currently have 11 Nutrition Centers that serve nutritious hot meals to children in their respective communities 6 days a week. The medical team partners with the centers to provide daily vitamins dietary education and track indicators of malnutrition for the children in the centers.

What We Are Going To Do

DSC_0117The GO Medical Center will provide space built for quality healthcare allowing for general medical services that will track patient history, an in-house pharmacy, laser eye surgery and preventative dentistry to patients who could not otherwise afford it. Because it will have apartment and dormitory space, mobile medical clinics will be offered weekly as will life enhancing surgeries from regularly scheduled visiting surgeons. The GO Medical Center will help us increase the quality and quantity of our health services to the marginalized exponentially!

How You Can Help

  • Develop a team of medical professionals and spend a week with us in the Dominican treating and caring for patients through a remote clinic.  Find out more here.
  •  Contribute financially to the GO Ministries Medical Fund to help purchase much needed medical supplies and medicines. Some of these products are purchased in the Dominican Republic to support the local industry.
  •  Contribute financially to the GO Ministries Vitamin Fund to help provide a daily vitamin to the children of the 11 GO Ministries Nutrition Centers.
  •  Purchase and donate medical supplies from the “GO Ministries Medical” Amazon wishlist. If you are on a team coming to the Dominican Republic, feel free to bring the supplies with you. Otherwise please ship them to our main office in Louisville to be brought to the Dominican Republic with another team.

If you have other questions about donating equipment or supplies, feel free to contact our Louisville Office at 502-493-9846.