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"We engage with Christian business people to encourage the vision of those in business to seek a model that honors God‘s restorative nature and work in the places we serve."

Jerry Woodcox, Executive Director of Operations -

Kingdom Business

What is Kingdom Business?

Kingdom Business simply defined is Business that is aimed at advancing the Kingdom of Christ. Our purpose for Kingdom Business is to be a part of Christian owned enterprises that will be aimed at spiritual integrity, serving Christ in community and donating profits to the Great Commission through GO Ministries and its work to support Nationals in third world countries as well as the functioning poor throughout the United States. This includes enterprises that GO Ministries is a stakeholder in or is an encourager of. We desire to partner with Christ centered businesses that are:
  • Creating strong partnerships
  • Providing an instrument in the hands of God
  • Establishing a Christ centered workforce
  • Interested in supporting International Missions
All of these endeavors allow us to glorify God by our business presence, character, service, quality and integrity throughout the communities we serve and the world. By encouraging Christian business people to seek a model that honors God‘s Great Commission we believe that the talents and gifts of the entrepreneur will be funneled for God’s purposes and will allow the individual to actively and honestly seek God’s purpose and control of the enterprise.

We make GO Ministries resources available to assist in enterprise start up, as well as ongoing support both in prayer and general business advice. We are an ongoing source of encouragement and spiritual guidance. GO Ministries is a designated 501© 3 organization. For the Christian business person who is looking to declare their organization aimed at serving a Godly purpose this approach allows structure and partnership. Our resources allow us to give guidance in the areas of tax, management and world outreach. Our hope is to foster partnership between Christian business entrepreneurship and worldwide Christian ministry outreach.


What We Are Doing Now

MONGOLIA We are part of a laundry service, cleaning service and daycare . We produce jewelry and wool/cashmere products for sale worldwide.

LOUISVILLE HEADQUARTERS BUILDING GO Ministries owns part of an office building for our stateside offices and additional office space is rented out to generate rental income.

TED SCHULZ ON THE CHAMPIONS TOUR We have invested in offsetting the cost of travel and tournament entry fees for professional golfer Ted Schulz. As Ted is successful on the tour the monies won are used to replenish the original sums invested and to return a profit to GO. We continue to forge new relationships with Professional Golfers on the Senior Tour.

MOBILE SOFT This mobile phone text/communication business teamed up with Gold mobile.com which is an existing larger company.

TODAY’S MOBILE COUPON This investment was developed from our investment in Mobilesoft. It is a mobile app coupon business. The company has a marketable Apple App and has a significant local customer base.

SOCIAL TRIGGER NETWORK This company is a Twitter based marketing company. We have recently gained majority interest in this company and currently have two regional customers.

GO STORE We have been developing a new strategy and team for the GO Store going forward. The store offers products on the island of Hispaniola for our Team participants. Our strategy for 2015 is to develop an online catalogue for these products as well.


Vision of GO Kingdom Business


One of the leadership development components of the planned GO Leadership Development Complex is learning how to start and maintain businesses that will sustain ministry. Our preliminary plan is to have 5 buildings dedicated to Kingdom Business on the complex. Each one will be 4 stories with the top three stories housing apartments. Four apartments on each floor. The bottom floor will house businesses that will sell products or perform services to the community as well as visitors to the complex. While investing business skills into local leaders, income will be generated to sustain the complex.

The complex space will be used as follows:

  1. Auto Repair (10,000 ft2)
    Anticipated Personnel: 24
  2. Masonry Shop (10,000 ft2)
    Anticipated Personnel: 24
  3. Welding Shop (10,000 ft2)
    Anticipated Personnel: 24
  4. Carpentry and Metal Shop (10,000 ft2)
    Anticipated Personnel: 24
  5. Hair and Nail salon (2,500 ft2)
    Anticipated Personnel: 20
  6. Restaurant (5,000 ft2)
    Anticipated Personnel: 16
  7. Pizzeria Space (2,500 ft2)
    Anticipated Personnel: 10


What you can do

  • Designate your business or enterprise as focused on eternal and Kingdom purposes in partnership with GO Ministries.
  • Contribute resources for the start- up of Kingdom Businesses ( funds, equipment and assets)
  • If you are a person with business experience offer your expertise in the area of manufacturing, marketing and distributing of third world products.

Contact Jerry Woodcox at jwoodcox@gomin.org for more information.