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There is no other seminary like this on the island. It makes us see the Bible from another perspective, it helps change our worldview of Christianity, and we learn how to disciple ourselves first so we can disciple others.

Kerlyn Pena, Seminary Graduate -

GO Seminary of the Americas

What We Are Doing Now

seminary studentsOn average, only 25% of the Dominican population finishes high school.  As the country continues to make strong efforts to enhance its educational system, 75% of today’s adults do their best with limited education.

Many local Christian leaders are passionate about the Gospel but lack adequate ministry training due to its unavailability and their own limited education.  The GO Seminary of the Americas uniquely responds to these issues by providing a contextualized approach to training; meeting our students from various educational backgrounds where they are.

The Seminary of the Americas exists to provide practical, sustainable, intensive biblical and theological training in ministry to local leaders for the purpose of multiplying healthy leadership in the church that advances the Kingdom of God by faithfully seeking to REDEEM people, RENEW communities and RESTORE creation.

In the Spring of 2012 we began promoting the multiplication of missional leadership and Gospel centered community engagement by launching our four year seminary program with our first cohort of 11 students.

seminary class 2A typical seminary in the Dominican Republic meets every Saturday for 3 hours for one year upon which one’s training is considered complete.  In the GO Seminary of the Americas, students are required to complete nearly 1300 hours of course work over 3 years before completing their 4th year of Incarnational Practicum.  Our four year program is designed to reawaken the missional call of the local church and to cultivate Christian community through our cohort approach to education while also fostering a solid team leadership approach to ministry that engages culture and community for the sake of furthering the Kingdom of God.  Our goal is to produce teams of Gospel centered leaders whose service and combined leadership result in the fingerprints of the Church being all over the community it calls home, serving it in such profound ways that should the Church be removed the neighbors would grieve their loss even if they failed to believe what the church professes.

By the Spring of 2015 the number of contributors to the life of the GO Seminary of the Americas grew from 4 to 13.  The student body grew from one cohort of 11 to 3 cohorts adding up to 36 students while expecting to add another cohort of 15 in the fall of 2015.  Teachers and pastors from the Dominican Republic and United States have partnered together in an effort to indigenize theological and ministry training resources on the island in order to establish a sustainable means of training that can replicate itself on the island of Hispaniola and beyond.

We are currently training established pastors and emerging leaders who will go back and strengthen local churches as well as leaders that will go on to plant new missional churches.


What We Are Going To Do

GO SeminaryWe will launch teams of Gospel centered leaders into the world to make disciples of all nations.  They will strengthen local churches and plant reproducing churches locally and abroad bringing the mission of Christ into every aspect of human life.

We have very limited space that we currently rent and are excited about the future permanent location of the seminary at the GO Leadership Development Complex.


How You Can Help

You can help by sponsoring a scholarship of $50 a month or more for 4 years to help cover the cost of educating our students.  Your investment prepares a student for solid theological and ministry training and empowers him or her to assault the gates of hell in radical ways, advancing the Kingdom of God.

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