Our Mission: GO Community Development renews and advances communities through the establishment of educational opportunities, small business, and international partnerships. This results in mutually transformational relationships that redeem people and restore creation.


What it looks like to come on a mission trip:

A group of at least 10 members will experience small portions of many areas of our ministry. This might include construction, service-projects, children’s ministry, prayer walks, distributing donations, giving away bibles, or any number of encouraging activities that further the ministry of local leaders in their communities. Through Kingdom Business we can also do small business training seminars and sessions for the public. We can tailor our trips for all ages and abilities.


GO Kids | Child Sponsorship

Over 500 children attend Colegio Isaias Evangelico Emmanuel, a Christian school in Hoya del Caimito, Santiago that prepares future generation of leaders.

40% of Dominicans live in poverty, and only 25% of Dominican children complete high school, mostly due to economic strain on their families. Even public school is expensive for Dominican families with the cost of uniforms and supplies. Many children trade low-income jobs for school after the 8th grade, if not before.

Through the GO Kids Sponsorship Program, we are able to offer these families an otherwise unattainable faith-based education for students pre-K through 8th grade. Sponsorship provides them with:  classroom sizes limited to 25 students with caring teachers, regular access and use of our library, a computer lab, an over-all superior learning environment and regular exposure to knowing Jesus as Lord.


Nutrition Centers:

Due to extreme poverty, many children have poor nutrition or even go without a meal each day. GO Ministries currently has 9 Nutrition Centers that provide adequate physical nourishment to at-risk children by offering daily meals (6 days a week). We also give them spiritual nourishment through discipleship and by helping them develop basic life skills.