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Churches seeking to be a holistic redemptive presence, overcoming the culture of the broken world with the culture of the Kingdom of God. Redeeming people, Renewing communities and Restoring creation are the only real hope for transforming the island.

Elvis Batista, Pastor, Los Salados -

Church Advancement

What We Are Doing Now

las damas central church 2GO Ministries partners with local pastors across the island who desire to REDEEM people, RENEW their communities and RESTORE creation.

These pastors are empowered by their North American partners through prayers, partnership development trips and financial support.

Pastors have the opportunity to receive ongoing training through monthly local leader meetings, work in cohorts with other pastors, and attend the GO Seminary of the Americas.


What We Are Going To Do

church advancementGO will be empowering groups of students graduating from the GO Seminary of the Americas program to plant churches across the island.


How you can Help

Partner with a local pastor to empower them in the communities they serve. Find out how here.