Management Team

Brook Brotzman


Will Partin


Jerry Woodcox

Chief Operating Officer

Ron Creque

Executive Coach & Chief Equipping Officer

Dominican Leadership Team

Eduard Gabriel

GO Caribbean President & Pastor at Iglesia Central in Santiago

Kelsey Miller

Vice President of Field Operations

Samira Krauss

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Krauss

Senior Executive Field Director

John Martinez

Lead Director of Pastor Empowerment

GO Church Planting

Ryan Sudsberry

Lead Director of Global Church Planting

Nick Plassman

Director of Training & Strategy

Randy Caldwell

Director of Church Planting

Lisa Reyes

Administrator of Church Planting

Milton Guy

Director of Church Planting Finance & Systems

Jeff Rogers

Director of GO Seminary

Jeff Hunt

Director of Partnership

GO Community Development

Juan Casa del Valle

Lead Director of Community Development

Brandy King

Co-director of Internships

Adrienne Stratton Sweat

Director of Community Development

Cathy Creque

GO Kids Stateside Program Coordinator

Mike King

Co-director of Internships

Lenae Gabriel

Coordinator of Teams' Media

Tiphani Lu

Coffee Collide Project

Justin Hemming

Director of Kingdom Business

Dianne Miller

Manager of Finances

GO Medical

Lynne Peralta

Lead Director of GO Medical

Allison Elder

Coordinator of GO Medical

GO Sports

Kyle Bradley

Lead Director of GO Sports

Brett Miller

Director of Development & Education of GO Sports

Libbie Casey

Coordinator of Women's Sports & Communication of GO Sports

Jonathan Hentschel

Coordinator of Ministry Advancement of GO Sports

Morgan Hume

Coordinator of Teams & Partnerships of GO Sports

Stateside Administrative Team

Michael Belt

Director of Outreach and Development

Sydney English

Director of Ministry Engagement

Mike Shryock

Director of Ministry Administration

Sandra Brotzman

Director of Hospitality

Bailey Parmley

Director of Communications

Lori Sudsberry

Human Resources Administrator

Cathi Christopher

Director of Accounts & Database Administration/Management

Cathy Oliver

Director of Accounting

Lisa Crain

Stateside Administrator of Teams & Finance

Vicki Rogers