GO Sports Outreach empowers disciples in the community to be able to use sports as a tool to reach others and make disciples. Sports are a clear way the church can have an impact in their community, outside the four walls of the church. GO Sports Outreach exists to help churches with the tools to make that idea a reality. 

We do this by providing basic sports ministry training, which takes place over the course of two and a half days, in a dialogue and interactive setting. A team of leaders in GO Sports have worked together to create a curriculum that is culturally relevant and contains helpful tools for next steps. Over the course of the training, we use the Great Commission as our guide to answer basic questions, such as what, where, who, how, why, and “now what”. 

We will be working alongside our Church Planting network as we invite new pastors and leaders to the training. Our hope is that the coach and pastor can both come to the training together, creating an immediate connection to the local church. This will lead to sustainability and partnership with the body of Christ, rather than a coach being out on his/her own. 

To help give new coaches something to work towards, GO Sports will host outreach tournaments throughout the year for each sport and various ages. This provides an opportunity to invite other community teams to participate in the events and jump start their ministry. Large events also promote opportunities for evangelism and family involvement.