Redeem People

Redemption starts with personally meeting Jesus in a transformative way that saves us for life.  Liberated from the consequences of sin we are now being made useful for the Kingdom engaging in God’s mission to renew and restore in every broken place locally and globally.  Jesus is both the source and fuel for our service.

Isaias Gabriel Headshot


What Redeeming People Looks Like 

Unconditional love.  That’s what Isaias Gabriel gives.  Through youth ministry at La Iglesia Central in Las Damas, Santiago the youth group of 12-30 year-olds continues to grow not only in numbers, but in redemptive love.  Through his rap group, Cristo Urbano, Gabriel sends a message of love, hope and redemption for everyone through concerts across the island and the annual Cristo Urbano youth camp that attracts more than 300 youth each year.  Their personal approach to everyone regardless of their past or current brokenness opens opportunities to transform lives.  It is a powerful picture of redeeming people through the local church.