GO Ministries empowers passionate local leaders to redeem people, renew communities and restore creation through mutual transformation. In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, our local leaders have asked us to aid them in creating an immediate action plan and we are calling it R3 (Reach, Relief, Respond).

REACH: Our local leaders have identified those that are in most dire need in their communities in this time of crisis. There is no greater time for the church to respond by being the church on a global scale.

RELIEF: Together we have created a 4 to 6 week action plan to bring immediate relief to those in the greatest need. We will be providing a package with the basic necessities for a family of six people. The pastors have developed a strategic plan to safely distribute the supplies.

RESPOND: We invite you and your family to engage in the power of mutual transformation by participating in this action plan. We want to begin by ordering 2,000 packages that will be distributed and will feed 12,000 people this week! Each package costs $35. Our local leaders will be keeping us up to date on the impact being made and the needs that arise.

  • For $35 you can feed a family¬† for 1 week
  • For $175 you can feed 5 families for 1 week
  • For $350 you can feed 10 families for 1 week
  • For $700 you can feed 20 families for 1 week

To stay up to date on what is happening with R3 in the Dominican Republic, check out our R3 Updates page for videos, pictures and stories.