Pastor Luis Pichardo

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After a battle with a tumor that started in his brain and then spread to other parts of his body, Pastor Luis Pichardo passed away this morning.  He was a pastor in Puerto Plata and the father-in-law of the current pastor in Hoya de Bartola, “The Hole”, Javier Francisco.

Luis Pichardo and his wife raised ten children all to know the Lord. The church is cradled between the mountains and the beaches of Puerta Plata in the non-developed area called Ginebra Arseno.  It is small but impacts the city and beyond. Most of its forty congregants work in some way with the tourist industry. Congregants speak a little of various other languages including German, Italian, English and French.  Because of their multi-language congregation, the church is impacting other parts of the world. Luis was known for caring for the sick and making frequent hospital visits.

Please pray for his wife, Eduia, and his children Esteban, Soltero, Cecillia, Aleandro Miquel, Luis, Saul, Joel, Conscesora, David, and Yonny.  Joel will be stepping up as pastor of the church in Puerto Plata.

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