What a Trip Looks Like

Your Team Coordinator will be in frequent contact with you to help prepare for your trip. GO Ministries Mission Teams serve for 5-7 days year-round, and spend the first day traveling to Santiago, the second-largest city in the Dominican Republic. Teams serving in the Batey communities will travel to  Santo Domingo, the capital city.

For a full list of GO Ministries’ COVID-19 guidelines, click here. 

GO Staff in the Dominican Republic

  • North American missionaries and Dominican local leaders will meet you at the airport and will facilitate your trip for the remainder of the week.


  • Teams will travel in the GO Ministries 26-passenger bus or a 15-passenger van.
  • All vehicles will be filled to 50% capacity.


  • Teams will stay in one of our dorms, which has separate sleeping and bathroom areas for men and women
  • Dorm amenities include bunk beds with mattresses and indoor plumbing.
  • The team will share meals in the dorm’s common eating area.
  • All team members are required to bring and wear face masks while on the island, except when in the team dorm, when only the team is present.


  • Three hot meals are provided daily., prepared by local leaders.
  • Meals are served cafeteria style. Expect an array of delicious chicken, rice, beans, bread, and fresh Dominican fruits.
  • All food is prepared with purified water and bottled water will be available in the dormitory, at the worksite and at all meals.
  • Small corner stores sell bottled soft drinks and snacks as well.

Ministry Activities

You will work with your team coordinator to determine the schedule of your week based on the Focused Area of Ministry that you choose. Santiago-based teams will also have the opportunities to visit four of our major areas of ministry, where you will learn how you can get involved and pray for the future of this growing ministry. These include:

  • GO Community Development
  • GO Medical
  • GO Church Planting
  • GO Sports

Church Services

Your team will have the opportunity to experience the Dominican or Haitian culture through a church service. If someone from your team would like to teach or if you have worship music prepared, please let us know in advance.


Translators will be available for your team.

Beach Day/ Optional Overnight Trip

Before you leave, you will have the opportunity to enjoy God’s creation at the beach. The purpose of this time is to be able to step away from the ministry you have been doing, and reflect on what God wants you to learn from your time here. It is important that your team processes all that they have seen and experienced before heading back to the States. There are two options:

  • Beach Day – The team will leave early in the morning and travel 1.5-2 hours to the northern coast town of Sosua to enjoy the beach and shopping. Lunch is provided at the beach.
  • Overnight Stay at the Resort – You will leave after church on Sunday (for summer teams) or Thursday morning (for winter, spring & fall teams) and travel 1-1.5 hours to Puerto Plata. You will stay at an all-inclusive beach resort. All meals are included. There is an additional $50 fee per person for this option.


You and your team members will receive a copy of the GO devotion when they arrive at the dorm. There is a time set aside each morning for you to go through the devotion, led by a member of the GO Staff.

Phone Calls/Internet

The emergency phone numbers are 829.404.6724 or 849.857.0949. Emergencies ONLY please! We desire for your trip to be a time where the team can “unplug” so that they can focus on what God has in store for you. However, your team members can purchase international coverage if they choose to. We do ask that they limit their phone usage to when you are in the dorm. Internet is not accessible for our team members in the dorms.

Team Tracker

Upon your arrival to the Dominican Republic, we will snap a photo of your team and post it on the GO website to notify friends and family that your team has arrived safely. Please allow up to 24 hours for this to be uploaded to the website:

Medical Treatment

If there is a need for medical treatment, we will see to it that you get the best care available. Being in the second largest city of nearly a million people is ideal because there are several medical facilities nearby. You will be responsible for all medical costs, but usually they are very small in comparison to the USA. We encourage all team members to purchase short term coverage.


We encourage team members to bring extra spending money for souvenirs, or snacks from the convenience stores. You will have opportunity to purchase several souvenirs at the beach such as clothing, Dominican jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and pottery or enjoy going snorkeling ($5-10). Please being cash only – no traveler’s checks or credit cards.