On Leading a Team…

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“Leading a team can be time consuming and your house looks like an explosion for the weeks leading up to the trip and it is so totally worth it. As team leader, I am privileged to get to see God do amazing things as He provides for each member to meet their financial requirements. It has definitely grown my faith as I have witnessed God’s hand again and again in this area. GO Ministries does such an incredible job of coming alongside the team leader by helping and guiding as you prepare for your trip. Once on the field, they are amazing and it allows you to be a full participant in the trip; they become the true leader. I would highly recommend leading a team through GO Ministries.”

– Denise Manias, Team Leader Manias family and friends Trip (Greenville, IN)


“For me as the team leader, they were amazing to work with and their help and support throughout the entire process really helped to relieve a lot of the pressure. For my team, I don’t think they could have gotten a better experience anywhere else. Through our trip they were able to get a well rounded experience, from spiritual (children’s ministry) to physical (construction) to cultural (food, stores, sites). Everyone that went was challenged in every area and aspect of their lives, and I know God used this trip to renew and strengthen our faiths and spark newness within each team member. I am thankful and grateful for GO Ministries and I know the rest of my team is as well!”

-Corey Young, Team Leader Beechland Baptist (Louisville, KY)


On Partnering with a National…

“Partnering with Medina has been a good way for our family to keep connected with his ministry in the Dominican. We have photos of his entire family on our dining room wall and it reminds us to pray for him as well as all the friends we have made in the Dominican. Our youngest daughter who is 4 years old has often prayed for the kids in the Dominican Republic when she says grace at the dinner table. It is an example of how two families can be connected by the love of Jesus even if not everyone has physically met one another. We are united by our faith in Jesus Christ-that’s the beauty of being a part of God’s kingdom!”

– The Jow family central peninsula church- San Francisco, CA

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“For our church, partnering with the Vargas family in Santa Lucia has meant cultivating a deep friendship based solely and solidly on the awesome work God is doing. There is very little in common; our day to day lives and even the language we speak are completely different. But as communities, we embrace each other and work to build each other up in the Lord. We encourage and support the Vargas family, and they encourage us; inspiring us to work as diligently and trust as deeply in the Lord as they do. Santa Lucia, a bleak place to many, is a blessing to us.”

– Nate Oaks, Team Leader Reunion Christian Church (Boston, Ma)


On Sponsoring a child…

“We have been supporting GO children for several years. Helping children get a Christian education in a Christian environment is a true joy for us. The chance to improve their education and life style and a chance at a brighter future are all they ask for. We have been very blessed and it is our honor to give back. “To whom much is given, much is expected” Luke 12:48. Having the opportunity to meet these children during the last several Easter week mission trips has been a unique experience that I would not trade for the world. The pure joy these children show when they have so little, only impresses upon me more that stuff does not bring true joy, only serving our Lord can do this.”

– Michael Belt, from St. John United Methodist Church – Louisville, KY