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Local leaders are continually encouraged and empowered by Partnership Development Teams to pour into the next generation.  This relationship transforms the North Americans as well as they return home looking for ways to impact their own communities.

Kyle Bradley, Director GO Sports

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My GO Story – Matt Meloy

  The Meloy family is a family on mission. They led a family trip from The Story Houston. Their passionate spirits, faithful service, and generous hearts empower the mission of GO in more ways than one.        

My GO Story – Blake Bergstrom

  Leveraging his passion for Jesus and skills of woodworking, Blake Bergstrom builds trade schools around the world to provide jobs for the underprivileged through his business, Legacy Building.  This week, his team will build the first woodworking shop that will serve as a Kingdom Business with GO.  Hear his passion and story here…  

My GO Story – Eric Murray

Eric Murray and his sons are far too familiar with tragedy and suffering.  They are also familiar with what it’s like to overcome.  On their trips to the Dominican, they met the Overcomer. Hear their GO story here…