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“We want the fingerprints of our churches to be all over our communities. So much so that even if our neighbors hated what we believed they would grieve that we were gone because we loved them so well.”

Jeff Roger - E. D. of Education and Spiritual Development

The Seminary of the Americas promotes the multiplication of team based, missional leadership and Gospel centered community engagement.  We provide practical, sustainable, intensive biblical & theological training in ministry to local leaders for the purpose of multiplying healthy leadership in and outside of the church that advances the Kingdom of God by faithfully seeking to redeem people, renew communities and restore creation.

Equipping Leaders

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Hello friends and supporters. We are officially halfway through the semester in our fourth year in the Seminary of the Americas. It’s hard to believe that this year we will graduate our first class, as it seems that the last four years have flown by so quickly. Our fourth year students are in the midst […]