GO Medical sends medical teams of Americans and Local Leaders alike out on mission to host mobile medical clinics in communities of need. Mobile clinics are a tangible way to love our neighbors and demonstrate the Gospel, while meeting very real needs. All mobile clinics are planned in coordination with local church planters and held in churches or community spaces. These mobile clinics not only bring medical healing and spiritual care, but also provide a lasting opportunity for the local pastor to build rapport and trust with members of their community.

Medical outreach is done in two different ways: First, through American medical teams who come and serve on a medical trip that includes three days of mobile clinics. These teams typically provide care to 400-500 patients over the course of the three days. We work closely with GO Church Planting to assess the readiness of church planters and match the skillset of American team members. Learn more about coming on a medical trip here.

Second, through our Dominican medical staff who conducts medical clinics in some of the harder to reach and/or more difficult areas. These swift and effective “guerrilla” clinics regularly meet the needs of 100-150 patients a day.

Take a glimpse into one of our mobile medical clinics!