Name:  Rafael Torres

Ministry focus:  Assistant to the Pastor

Location: Hoya del Bartola, Santiago, Dominican Republic


Spouse: Elba

Children: Emmanuel, Anderson, Angela, Angel

Favorite verse: Romans 8:32

Rafael’s Story:

Rafael grew up in Hoya de Bartola where he works today as part of the church there. When the ministry started in this low income area he was a leader of the party crew. He enjoys sharing how in the past he could party with the best of them in “the hole.”  Obviously it was not the type of direction that he needed to be leading his wife and four children. Through the ministry of GO and many Christians showing him a different way of life and Pastor Felix Abreu regularly ministering to him, Rafael chose to be baptized in 2007. After dedicating much time to change his life and family by walking a different path, Rafael began to work with the church in the Hole in 2012.  Rafael works with the 120 children in the nutrition program and provides purified water to the community as well as serving the congregation with his motorcycle, small errands for people and preaching.  People in the community still tell him he is going to change and return to his old ways but Rafael wants nothing to do with his old crew. He has learned a new style of leadership that goes back to serving his buddies with a different outcome in mind than just the usual Saturday night bash.