Name: Jose Luis Matías

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Brisas de Ocampo, Santiago, DR


Spouse:  Daisy

Children: Isabel, Iyabel

Favorite Verse: Proverbs 4:23

Jose Luis’ STORY:

Jose Luis has always enjoyed working with his hands and constructing things.  Sometimes it is building something brand new and other times it is refurbishing things that need to be redone.   Prior to becoming a pastor, Jose Luis worked daily in construction during the day and often at nights was in the church.  Whenever he could he was helping people renovate their older homes in cost effective ways. He also simply loves working until he sees a finished product.

After working in construction for about a decade, Jose Luis had a desire to learn more about God’s word and attended seminary for two years in Costa Rica.  There he had some of his hunger satisfied.  He began helping his pastor, who was associated with GO Ministries  more and more in church but continued with his construction work.

His work led him to be able to minister to people. One day while on a job he saw a woman and instantly knew this was going to be his wife.  He pursued her and adopted her child as his own and then had a second child.  It was after the birth of their child that GO Ministries contacted Jose Luis about being a pastor in a new project of construction.

GO wanted Jose Luis to be a pastor of a church working alongside of a Haitian pastor and work together to build their congregations and a nutrition center.  It was perfect for this Godly fun loving couple who love kids.  Just as he had built a new family from one that had been started Jose Luis is now leading a church that had been started but he is remodeling.  What started out as less than five people in church Jose Luis has built to about thirty people.  He continues to go into the community and evangelize through construction as well as building the next generation of believers at the nutrition center.  Recently Jose Luis replaced a roof on the house of an older woman in the community. She is now attending church and becoming more and more involved.  We are certain that Jose Luis will see that construction project and many other through to the finish.