Name: Fabio López

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location: Villa Cafetalera, Moca, D.R.


Spouse: Ana Antonia

Children: Milagros, Grisela, Jacqueline, Jose Luis, Aleida

Favorite Verse:  Ephesians 2:8


Born near Villa Cafetalera in the community of La Cumbre, Fabio met Christ in an evangelization campaign in the late 80’s. He, his wife, and his eldest three daughters accepted Christ on that day. Fabio became a pastor at age 30 and has been one for the last 35 years in many places. He founded the church in Villa Cafetalera in the 90’s and later pastored the church in Guayvillo.

Fabio was a man of strength. He commands respect when entering a room, but he is humble with his strength.  Now, his strength has been robbed by disease.  In the winter of 2008, Fabio was ill with kidney and liver problems that remained undiagnosed for some time.  But his true strength did not waver.  He continued to depend on Christ for his strength.  During this time of trial, the church where he serves remained strong, continuing with Bible studies and regular services.

Fabio ministers in an area of the mountains outside the city of Santiago.  When Fabio and his wife, city dwellers for 23 years, moved to take on this assignment, they expected struggles.  But God was faithful and soon a vibrant church was growing under the ministry of Fabio and Antonia.  They raised their family in that area and their children remain nearby.  Because of their faithfulness, an area of the mountains that does not have another Protestant church for miles has a growing congregation.