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My favorite part of working in Hoyo de Bartola is the time that I get to work with the kids at noon. For me, that's one of the biggest impacts my work makes helping serve at the church's Nutrition Center that feeds between 120 and 130 children every week.

Rafael Torres, Assistant in Hoyo de Bartola -

Meet Local Leaders

Hitler Etienne

Name: Hitler Etienne

Ministry Focus: Pastor

Location: Min Dos, Haiti


Spouse: Jeanne

Children: Ojeman, Adlin, Icene, Ruth, Obed, Schera, Jimmy

Favorite Verse: Ephesians 3:8

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Icene Etienne

Name:  Icene Etienne

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Cerca Carvajal, Centre, Haiti


Spouse: Luctamise

Children:  Madona, Malachi

Favorite Verse:  John 3:16

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Jacson Timothe

Name:  Jacson Timothe

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Vinbal, Haiti


Spouse: Jania

Children:  Jackendy, Wodeson, Diempceau, Wilguns

Favorite Verse: Exodus 14:14

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Jonas Lekler

Name: Jonas Lekler

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  L’Hat, Haiti


Spouse:  Rosekaline

Children:  Yvonide, Dieunie, Daniel, Joveline, Junel

Favorite Verse:  Psalm 94:17

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Lucan Jean

Name:  Lucan Jean

Ministry Focus:  Assistant to the Pastor

Location:  Phaeton, Haiti


Spouse: Beldina

Children: Lundi, Betwid, Woodcandi, Mikel, Keli

Favorite verse: Exodus 14:14

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Luccema Timothe

Name:  Luccema Timothe

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Gonsavenete, Haiti


Spouse: Mausenelte

Children:  Litnise, Roseline, Mariane, Emanuel

Favorite Verse:  Exodus 14:14

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Lucner Jean Pierre

Name:  Lucner Jean Pierre

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Phaeton, Nord-Est, Haiti


Spouse: Marie

Children:  Nerline, Anjuola, Jean Pierre

Favorite Verse:  John 12:45

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Odineau Val

Name:  Odineau Val

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Garet, Centre, Haiti


Spouse:  Marie Ange

Children:  Abel, Rose Guerne, Jean Daniel, Christiano

Favorite Verse:  Psalm 37:5-6

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Phillip Odinas Audate

Name: Phillip Odinas Audate

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Pignon, Nord, Haiti


Spouse:  Jeaniol Almonor

Children:  Chilove, D’Jempley, Bechie, Kerby, Rose Darlene, Obed

Favorite verse: John 14:15

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