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My favorite part of working in Hoyo de Bartola is the time that I get to work with the kids at noon. For me, that's one of the biggest impacts my work makes helping serve at the church's Nutrition Center that feeds between 120 and 130 children every week.

Rafael Torres, Assistant in Hoyo de Bartola -

Meet Local Leaders

Amado Batista

Name: Amado Batista

Ministry Focus:  Pastor and Teacher at the Seminary

Location: Los Salados


Spouse: Raysa

Children: Brayner Stiven, Lorwing, Diurka

Favorite Verse: Joshua 1:9

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Bernardo Espinal

Name: Bernardo Espinal

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location: Padre de las Casas, D.R.


Spouse: Ana Hilda

Children: : Melissa, Eliezer, Emeli, Jonathan

Favorite Verse: Philippians 4:13

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Eddy Bernabé

Name: Eddy Bernabé

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Villa Cafetalera, Moca, D.R.


Spouse:  Flor

Children: Noemi, David, Yonatan

Favorite Verse:  Joshua 24:15

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Eduard Gabriel

Name:  Eduard Gabriel

Ministry Focus:  GO Caribbean President/ Pastor

Location:  Las Damas, Santiago, D.R.


Spouse: Kendy

Children:  Enitza, Elisa

Favorite Verse:  Matthew 28:19

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Élido Méndez

Name:  Élido Méndez

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Hato del Yaque, Santiago D.R.


Spouse: Modesta

Children:  Amalia, Eliani, Alfari, Lidiani

Favorite Verse:

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Fabio López

Name: Fabio López

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location: Villa Cafetalera, Moca, D.R.


Spouse: Ana Antonia

Children: Milagros, Grisela, Jacqueline, Jose Luis, Aleida

Favorite Verse:  Ephesians 2:8

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Félix Abreu

Name:  Félix Abreu

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Hoyo de Bartola, Santiago, D.R.


Spouse: Jenny

Children: Nathaniel, Ismael

Favorite Verse: Philippians 4:13

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Félix Medina

Name:  Félix Medina

Ministry Focus: Pastor

Location:  Cambita, Santiago, D.R.


Spouse:  Magalis

Children:  Naaman, Aslin, Moisés, and Merlina

Favorite Verse:  John 11:44 & Matthew 2:13

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Francisco Feliz

Name: Francisco Feliz
Ministry Focus: Pastor
Location: Batey Cuchilla, La Romana, D.R.
Spouse: Yolanda
Children: Yonairi, Dinora, Franci
Favorite Verse: JOHN 3:16

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Gregorio Gracesqui

Name: Gregorio Gracesqui

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Palo Alto, D.R.

Family:  Psalm 27:10

Spouse:  Ramona

Children: Jilberto, Jose Antonio, Guillermo, Nicolas, Albairis, Betania and Amaury

Favorite Verse:  Psalm 27:10

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Gregorio Thomas

Name: Gregorio Thomas

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Pata de Gallina, D.R.


Spouse: Josefa Gomez

Children: Carlos, David, Yesica

Favorite Verse:  Psalm 121

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Isaías Gabriel

Name:  Isaías Gabriel

Ministry Focus:  Youth Pastor / Team Facilitator

Location:  Las Damas, Santiago, D.R.


Spouse:  Lenae

Favorite Verse:  Matthew 6:33 & 1 Peter 2:9

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Jose Luis Matías

Name: Jose Luis Matías

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Brisas de Ocampo, Santiago, DR


Spouse:  Daisy

Children: Isabel, Iyabel

Favorite Verse: Proverbs 4:23

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Kennedy Gómez

Name: Kennedy Gomez

Ministry Focus:  Youth Pastor

Location:  Los Guandules, Santiago, D.R.


Spouse: Ebilize

Children: Polirio, Bryan, and Chistopher

Favorite Verse: Proverbs 1:7

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Luis Vargas

Name: Luis Vargas

Ministry Focus: Pastor

Location: Santa Lucía, ‘La Mosca’, Santiago, D.R.


Spouse: Reyna

Children:  Luis, Yeison, Dilson

Favorite Verse: Romans 5:8

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Moise Jean

Name: Moise Jean

Ministry Focus: Pastor

Location: Brisas de Ocampo, Santiago, D.R.


Spouse:  Nerlande

Favorite Verse: Psalm 23:1

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Rafael Torres

Name:  Rafael Torres

Ministry focus:  Assistant to the Pastor

Location: Hoya del Bartola, Santiago, Dominican Republic


Spouse: Elba

Children: Emmanuel, Anderson, Angela, Angel

Favorite verse: Romans 8:32

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Rafael Vargas

Name: Rafael Vargas

Location: Jimaní,  D.R.


Spouse:  Alta Gracia

Children: Dorca Maria, Victoria, Rafeline, Rebecca & Ruth Ester

Favorite Verse: Isaiah 8:42

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Rafelito Rodríguez

Name: Rafelito Rodríguez

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  Los Guandules, Santiago, D.R.


Spouse: Griselda

Children: Ruth, Josué, Doris

Favorite Verse:  Matthew 6:33

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Ramón Gabriel

Name:  Ramón Gabriel

Ministry Focus: Retired Pastor

Location: Las Damas, Santiago, D.R.


Spouse:  Tata

Children: Eduard, Sandra, Isa, Samir, Samira, Isaias

Favorite Verse:  Joshua 1:9

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Santo Ogando

Name:  Santo Ogando

Ministry Focus:  Pastor

Location:  San Juan de la Maguana, San Juan, D.R.


Spouse:  Isabel

Children:  Erika, Auris

Favorite Verse:  Romans 8:1

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William Decena

Name: William Decena

Ministry Focus: Pastor

Location:  Batey 9, La Romana, D.R.


Spouse: Alexandra

Children: Mara, Elizabeth, Gabriela, Yohanny, Ezekiel, Nathaneal, Lisandra

Favorite Verse: Philippians 4:13 &  Matthew 25:31

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