The heart of GO Ministries is partnering with local leaders. Local leaders know the culture, the language, and have a passion to serve in their own communities. North Americans have the opportunity to come alongside of our Dominican and Haitian brothers and sisters in a unified alliance and mutually encourage, challenge and empower each other! A partnership includes prayer, visits, and a monthly financial commitment to continue ministry on the island. For more information, click here.


Mutually Transformational Partnerships

“Partnering with Medina has been a good way for our family to keep connected with his ministry in the Dominican. We have photos of his entire family on our dining room wall and it remindjow family us to pray for him as well as all the friends we have made in the Dominican. Our youngest daughter who is 4 years old has often prayed for the kids in the Dominican Republic when she says grace at the dinner table. It is an example of how two families can be connected by the love of Jesus even if not everyone has physically met one another. We are united by our faith in Jesus Christ – that’s the beauty of being a part of God’s kingdom!”
The Jow Family – Central Peninsula Church- San Francisco, CA


“It is amazing to see how God uses our humble investment to produce true fruit! Not only do Luis and his family make disciples throughout La Mosca, but they make disciples throughout Boston as they invest in our team year in and year out. We are grateful for G.O. Ministries and their tireless effort in facilitating and strengthening our partnership with the Vargas family.” 
Phil McArdle – Reunion Christian Church- Boston, MA