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I not only wanted to meet their physical hunger, but it was just as important to me that their spiritual hunger was met too.

Nicolas Gracesqui, Pastor, Los Perez -

Local Leaders

Meet Local Leaders

GO partners with passionate and dedicated local christian workers in the Dominican Republic and Haiti by helping to provide necessary resources, ministry training, and financial support to furthur share the Good News of Jesus Christ in their communities.

Communities We Serve

GO serves communities throughout the Dominican Republic and Haiti by empowering local leaders, helping to provide church facilities, nutrition centers, medical care, water filtration systems, and ministry and sports education.

Become a Ministry Partner

Empower One. Changing Many. Local leaders and their communities continue to thrive because of Partnership with churches, individuals and teams from the US. Partnership is the bridge that continues to provide for local leaders, their families and the physical and spiritual health of their communities.

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Are you interested in seeing what God is doing in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and learning more about how God would like you to Partner in this work? Come on down!