Seven years ago, our staff gathered to pray about what was next for GO Ministries. The LDC is the result of that time of prayer.  The Leadership Development Complex is a training ground to develop leaders and prepare them to be sent into the world to make disciples.

The Leadership Development Complex

The LDC will impact thousands of future leaders through three different areas of ministry: Kingdom Business, Church Planting, and Sports.

January 2021 Update 1:49

See the recent progress that has been made at the Leadership Development Complex.

The First Game 1:55

February 7th, 2020, marked the first game ever played on our new fields at the LDC.



The Future

Leadership Development Complex (LDC)

In 2013, GO Ministries purchased 24 acres of land for $1.2 million. After waiting five years for permits, we were able to cut down trees and begin building. Phase I of the project was completed in October, 2017, as our hired architect finished drawings for the master plan. Water cisterns were dug and temporary batting cages and fields were set up for our baseball academy. We broke ground in October, 2017 to begin Phase II.

Today the LDC is home weekly to more than 600 athletes. These athletes visit the LDC to participate in a discipleship-based program that gives them access to on-the-field training and coaching, as well as English and Bible classes. We currently have four covered basketball courts, two baseball fields, and our men’s academy building. We also have two buses that our drivers use to pick up athletes for classes and practices.

The LDC will allow our reach to expand dramatically into other areas of Santiago and different cities all over the island. The LDC will also allow us to host other kids and families outside of our daily sports academies – through camps, tournaments, and events on a weekly basis. Thousands will step foot on the LDC land each week to experience mutual transformation and become the future leaders of the Dominican Republic.

Current Facilities

The four basketball courts are home to our men’s and women’s basketball academies. We currently have five coaches, 141 boy athletes, and 48 girl athletes. These four courts have lights, retractable hoops that are mounted from the ceiling, and are completely covered.

The two baseball fields are home to our baseball academy, that encompasses 10 coaches and 184 athletes. One of our fields is major-league sized, allowing our older athletes to train. The other field has little-league dimensions, perfect for our younger players.

The outfield of our original baseball field serves as the training ground to GO Fútbol. GO Fútbol has been growing at an incredible rate, as it now has three coaches, 70 boy athletes and 52 girl athletes. February 15, 2020 marked the first ever soccer game played at the LDC.

The academy building houses offices for GO Sports, as well as classrooms for English and Bible classes. The space also has a kitchen, eating area, and will soon host up to 48 athletes from across the island that want to live, study, train, and be mentored on the grounds.

Our Vision for the LDC

While we want our athletes to become better players on the field, we know that few will ever play sports at a professional level. For this reason, it is important to prepare our athletes to be successful in all walks of life. Our goal is for our athletes to become well-rounded men and women of God that leave our academy and make a difference in communities all across the island. With the completion of Phase III, GO Sports Academies will be able to mentor, disciple, and coach thousands of future leaders every day.

We ask that you prayerfully consider donating to the work of the LDC as we continue sharing the Gospel through sports ministry, one kid at a time.