Exploratory trips are three-day or four-day visits for individuals, churches, or organizational leaders. These trips allow you to meet local leaders and explore the many areas of ministry within GO. You’ll get a front row seat to see how God is redeeming people, renewing communities and restoring creation across the island. After experiencing an exploratory trip, we encourage groups to take a partnership development trip. These seven-day trips allow more people from a church or organization to come to the Dominican Republic or Haiti. Teams serve alongside local leaders in their communities, where they can build relationships and share the gospel through tangible service.

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Hear from Patrick and Scott

"One of the things that really ignited my interest in Kelsey's work in the Dominican Republic and ultimately initiated the ongoing partnership between TIU Women's Soccer and GO Ministries was the opportunity to have a short exploratory trip experience prior to actually bringing members of our team. Not only did I get introduced to a wide variety of GO's ministry partners and sites on the island, but having the personal interaction with the missionary herself provided such a deep and foundational understanding of the 'WHY' behind the powerful work GO is doing in Santiago and the surrounding communities. That introductory orientation ultimately helped me---as a coach---better prepare and guide our Trinity student-athletes throughout both their pre-trip preparation and the eventual time in the DR. I would highly recommend the exploratory opportunity to any church/lay leader considering bringing a group of students to work with GO in the Dominican."

Patrick Gilliam, Head Coach of the Women's Soccer Team at Trinity International University

"GO is a first class organization. On our exploratory trip, we learned how to grow our church in the right areas, increase our people’s desire for meaningful spiritual growth, and found a ministry partner, not just an organization to support. GO is truly about mutual transformation and we are excited to be partnering with them."

-Scott Martin, Discipleship Pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, Colorado