GO Prep Academy is a multisport academy, beginning in 2020 with men’s basketball, that will help bridge the gap between Dominican athletes and universities/colleges in the United States.


We want to create christian disciples that will have a multiplication effect on the Kingdom. We pray that through the daily discipleship of our teachers and coaches that we can develop Godly men and women that will be Christian leaders upon leaving our academies. This program will function as a sending ground. We will be sending athletes from the Dominican to places all over the U.S. We pray that these students become a part of colleges and have a multiplication effect on these campuses. 

We also pray that these athletes return to the island with a college education and are prepared to be great Christian business leaders in the Dominican Republic. On the flip side, if these student athletes that are training in our prep school don’t ever make it to the United States, we know that they still will experience tremendous growth through the discipleship, education, and discipline that they will receive. These characteristics will prepare them to be influential leaders of the next generation.


To begin, we will start small with roughly 15 student athletes. We will pay for each of their education at a private high school, as well as lunch and transportation to the LDC after classes conclude. Then, while at the LDC, they will receive daily practices on the court, English/Bible/Math classes, weight room training, and evnetually TOEFL/ACT test prep. This group will include ten athletes that have ties to the area, such as Puerto Plata, La Vega, and Santiago de los Caballeros. In the future, we plan to be able to offer this opportunity to even more children outside of the Santiago Cibao area through the use of the dormitories that we have in our men’s academy building. 

For the upcoming school year of 2020-2021, we are looking to pay for education and meals that costs roughly $20,000 for the entire program. However, we have a much larger dream:

  • Fundraise for the total cost of tuition and meals of our athletes for the entire year.
  • Provide the opportunity to take a trip to the USA. This would allow the members of the academy to play in an AAU-sponsored tournament. 
  • Purchase a basketball shot training machine This costs about $5,000,
  • Continue adding resources that will help our athletes train at the highest possible level (i.e. proper shoes) and to receive eligibility as quickly as possible (i.e. computers).

With your help and support, we can continue to put this plan into action. Would you consider finding a way to further the mission of our GO Prep Academy?

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