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Leveraging his passion for Jesus and skills of woodworking, Blake Bergstrom builds trade schools around the world to provide jobs for the underprivileged through his business, Legacy Building.  This week, his team will build the first woodworking shop that will serve as a Kingdom Business with GO.  Hear his passion and story here…


My GO Story – Blake Bergstrom

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A New Season Awaits

Nine years ago when we moved from Indianapolis to San Diego to plant Momentum Christian Church, the vision was not to just plant one church, but to plant many churches both locally and globally.  As a result we began partnering with an amazing ministry in the Dominican Republic and Haiti called, GO Ministries.  We began […]

Helping Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

The roads had been flooded by heavy rains with bridges washed away, roofs blown off by sustained 145 mph winds, and people left battered and homeless.  The Southern Haitian town of Jeremie, took a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew.  Hundreds of people were killed and thousands more left homeless. As a result, the medical needs are great. GO […]

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